How much do I have to spend on Christmas shopping?

Nov 30

How much do I have to spend on Christmas shopping? That's easy to figure out, just use your pay stub and your monthly budget!

Start by looking at your pay stub to see how much money you have after all of the taxes are taken out. Don't look too closely at how much you're paying in taxes, it will make you cry! But look at your Net Pay to see how much money you get to take home after working hard all week.

Then after you've done that add up all of your expenses. How much is your rent? Your insurance? Your phone bill? And your electric bill? And sadly, don't forget about groceries!!!

Finally the good part! Compare how much your take home, or net, pay is to how much you have to spend on living expenses. How much will you have left after you pay all of your expenses? That's how much you can spend Christmas shopping! It's quick, simple, and easy! You just need your Paycheck Stub and copies of all of your bills!

Just remember to be disciplined. Don't spend more money than you have on Christmas shopping the way I just did today! It is Cyber Monday after all! Limit yourself to what you can afford and stick to your budget. That way you won't be crying in January with me!