How can I make Fake Pay Stubs?

Oct 22

How can you make Fake Check Stubs you ask? It's simple and easy with a good Paystub Generator like the one here at Just follow these simple and easy instructions.

1. Click on Make Pay Stub at the top of the screen.
2. Fill out your name, address, city, state, and zip code.
3. Choose if you're hourly or salaried and enter your hourly pay rate or your annual salary. Yes, Elon Musk put's down minimum wage because he pays himself minimum wage and Warren Buffet puts down $125,000 because that's all he pays himself too.
4. Select which state you live in from the pop up menu
5. Choose if you're single or married from the pop up menu
6. Select if you're paid weekly, every other week, twice a month, once a month, or once a year from the "How are you paid?" pop up menu. Once a year? Who can live for a full year on only one paycheck??
7. Choose how many dependents you have from the Exceptions pop up menu. This should be you plus however many children you have. The more Exceptions you claim the less money is withheld in taxes. It's possible to claim enough exceptions that you have $0 in federal income taxes withheld!
8. Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number
9. Enter your employer's name, address, city, state, and zip code.
10. Enter your employee number
11. If you pay local taxes like I did when I was growing up, enter your local tax rate as a percent. For 1% enter 1.
12. Click on the Next button to fill in your real check stub information.
13. Enter the Start Date, End Date, and Pay Date for the paycheck stub.
14. If you've only been at your job for a few months change the Pay Stub YTD. Otherwise leave it at the auto calculated value.
15. Enter your Regular Hours and any Overtime Hours.
16. If you received any tips, enter your Tips.
17. If you received any Commissions, Holiday Hours, PTO Hours, Bonus, or Expenses enter them.
18. To make a change to the first page tap the Back button
19. To add another Paycheck Stub tap the Add Pay Stub button.
20. To Preview your Fake Check Stub tap the Preview Pay Stub button
21. If you need to make any changes after previewing your Real Check Stub click on the Edit Pay Stub button.
22. If you're satisfied with your great looking Paycheck Stub, click on the Buy Pay Stub button.
23. Pay for your great looking check stub and then it will be emailed to you and you'll also be able to download it immediately after you pay for it.

We guarantee that you'll be happy and satisfied with your pay stub. Our developers are professionals with years of experience and they make the best novelty check stubs in the business!